You Have Nothing to Worry About

From Andy Fedak
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All life is experienced through a distorted lens, skewed by the spaghetti of our mind’s wiring to fit preconceived expectations.  

Many live their entire lives completely unaware how the mind is tinting the world around them, thinking that this is what is and all there ever could be.  Others slowly come to a realization of their predicament, and begin to rewire the mind’s “spaghetti” to understand what is and what is not.  Some even know about it, and choose not to do anything…we can grow comfortable in our worldview.  Political philosophies, operating systems, and artistic ideologies, are all examples - with their 24 hour news channels, online forums flame wars, and art scholars reinforcing their outer ramparts.  

One could say that even this “un-worldview”, to be aware of worldview, is a worldview non-the-less.

When you are anxious for no reason, and just worry about whatever comes to mind, you have what is known as “free floating anxiety”.

Free Floating Anxiety metaphor? - f/ Toilet and Office

Untreated, it can shrink your reality to the edges of your own bed.  While most don’t approach this level of mental illness, the truth is that we all have anxiety at some level.  It is a fundamental part of life.  A little balloon hanging from our sides, slowing us down, or pulling us in the right direction, depending on your particular inclination.  So when raw reality pushes up against our worldview, it is anxiety that forms in the cracks; creating a painful lattice outlining the form of our current distorted version of reality.  

It’s ironic that only mental illness allows us to see reality in relief like this, how deformed it can be, and for what it is.


If one posits that the mind can skew perception and that we all have anxiety in some way (a mental illness), then one possible interpretation of reality, is that reality itself is virtual.  

We are all wearing virtual reality goggles.  

We don them at birth and the straps tighten each moment we live, as cognitive dissonance, the invisible hand, guides our physical movements through space.  Soon we will have to make a choice between this version and another.  A mediated one - under our control, or the wild one - out of control.  One could say the many world-views we already take on, were precursors to this “FPVU”, First Person Virtual Universe.  

VR Example 1.jpg

Formally my work must then not exist in this reality.  Both to maintain consistency with my “un-worldview”, but also as a critique of our own current reality.  It’s actually not so bad, in this space things open up quite creatively; one has control over aspects not possible in the real “raw” world.  Gravity, time, point of view, anything and everything - are all malleable.  

But just to reassure the anxious, this augmentation has already been in effect for many years albeit in more subtle ways.  For example, Velveeta cheese is not really cheese.  We are already replacing real objects with fake ones.  Thus, we might as well just have fun with it.  

You have nothing to worry about.