The Portal and The Form

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The Portal

The bathroom is our last refuge. No one can follow you into the shitter, nor will your sphincter allow you to escape. With nowhere to go and no one to bother it, the mind is forced into its natural inclination. Upon this lonely throne a space opens up, a cog is loosened, and out flows anarchism. But as quickly as it began, this bowel movement ends and we return to the world flushed, unable to fathom this freedom.

The Form

There are moments which can never be forgotten. A crack forms and out trickles something that does not make sense, but feels right. A pressure slowly builds up to take the world we inhabit and make it fit this sense. Reality bends to our beliefs until we look upon our own hands and are unable to figure out what they do. Anarchism envisioned today is surreality.

Install Notes


There are advantages to moving the space of viewership for a work with moving image and sound outside of the typical theatrical setting. Many times an idea which began during the creation of a video can find its best representation outside the medium itself. In essence the work can expand outward into multiple mediums such as sculpture and photography, while the video anchors it to the overall context of the project. A certain play appears between the two mediums which I find quite fascinating, and am interested in exploring.

I’d like to suggest a few curatorial options:

1.) A split gallery: a screening room with a gallery adjacent, a light blocking, but sound porous divider in-between. The video would be projected in a loop, its sound would emanate over the rest of the installation, which would include prints and sculptural work in the space adjacent. This would allow for both optimal vision and surround sound of the main piece and also allow for other non-temporal based work to be patinated by the sound of the anchoring video. The space needed could adjust to what is available, the main issue being the bifurcation of the space into two usable elements in the context of the attendees expected.

2.) A diptych: the two pieces beside each other on flat-panels hung upon the gallery wall with headphones. The sculptural and print elements could be included as well if space permits. The ability for full five channel surround sound would be eliminated since one would be only able to listen through the headphones (which are inherently 2 channel). In a tighter context where sound needs to be controlled this is a good option. Space wise, two 42 inch flat- panels placed close together take up roughly 8 feet of wall space.

3.) A true theatrical setting: projected within a theatre along with other cinematic work before and after. The two pieces simply would play linearly. There would be no sculptural work, nor prints, however this would allow for the optimal vision and sound of the main projected piece. This is the classic film- festival option and is perfectly acceptable as well. Note in this context the pasting of prints outside the gallery, in the local community itself, could be an option to get at the expansion of the work I am interested in.

install example - linear (one after the other with a 2 minute break inbetween)


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