How to Lose Weight in Seven Easy Steps

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With these Seven Easy Steps the fat will just fall away and all the world will finally see the “REAL YOU”.  Each step will take you closer to that perfect self that is inside you already, but no one can see yet.  We guarantee you will not notice this change while it happens, but will love the results, or your money back!


If you follow our instructions exactly - we’ll throw in the “REAL WORLD” too!  As the fat falls away from your body, reality’s facade will fall away as well, the potentials of what “is” and could “be” unfurling outwards in a depth that only you can see.  Imagine this new world, with your new body, and the amazing things you might do with it?

*Fine print:

[You give us permission to use your image, body, or related content (such as internal organs) enhanced by us. This means, for example, that you permit the manipulation of your consciousness via 3d projection mapping, stereoscopic imaging, pixelation, augmented reality, and any other amazing technique known or not known (and in the sonic domain as too!!).]


  • note that this is a non-stereoscopic selection (areas which are black and white are flat and not in "3d", while color has depth).


How to Lose Weight in Seven Easy Steps! - utilizes stereoscopic projection, ray- traced virtual reality, surrealistic narrative, and comedy to explore the movement of consciousness from seeing the world one way to another. In the abstract, it traces the trajectory of mental illness from darkness to light, or on its narrative surface, one obese man’s weight loss.

There are two major components to this installation: the stereoscopic narrative film, and the virtual reality experience.

  • Stereoscopic Film - Luckman Gallery - CSULA
  • VR Installation - Luckman Gallery - CSULA

The stereoscopic film follows a surrealistic narrative through “Seven Easy Steps”, tracing the protagonist’s slow change of consciousness (and weight loss). A mandatory stereoscopic experience, it utilizes the depth effect inherent in stereopsis as a metaphor for seeing the world, expanding and contracting, as the protagonist comes to realize his predicament. (Please see the 2d version of the piece for reference).

The virtual reality experience, meant to be seen after watching the stereoscopic side of the installation, utilizes the narrative suture from the film to explore the spaces, sculptural objects, and sonic elements from the film via an augmented version of the gallery it is installed within (a site-specific virtual installation); placing the viewer in the shoes of the protagonist, to experience the film’s essence in a different and profound way.

Install Example (VR)


How to Lose Weight in Seven Easy Steps Script

Script of film and text of final voice over.

You Have Nothing to Worry About!

This text explores the psychological and conceptual foundations of this work and installation.

Stereoscopic Projection

The basic foundation to the theory behind the process used for the film.

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by Christopher Michno