The Ice House

From Andy Fedak
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In order to access and experience the originality of an environment, to truly feel it, one needs to be present within the space itself.  However, because of safety, public access, politics, or other concerns, this is not always possible.  To remedy this problem, museums and other social spaces have extracted locations (such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur or Cloisters) and brought them into the gallery by sheer force, however this process is destructive and leaves the original locale destroyed; for reality has a specific patina, that once touched, can never be returned to its original state.  This methodology also privileges “important” historical locations over ones which might be more subtle, but encapsulating just as profound a presence.

I propose to utilize the “icehouse” locale in Long Beach as a site of virtual excavation, picking 3 desperate locations within it, using high end photogrammetry and sound recording techniques to digitize and capture these locations in complete three dimensional physical and sonic detail, and then reconfiguring these spaces into a hybrid point of access within one of the up stairs offices in the “Packard” building.  In this office space visitors will wear a VR headset and be able to walk around, peering into these other locations, accessing and experiencing there own subtle intensity, from a single common viewpoint.  During the opening and select walk throughs, this same audience can visit these specific sites themselves and experience them in person, allowing for the juxtaposition the virtual with the real within their own consciousness.