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The Mountain Vista

“The Mountain View” - is a site specific virtual reality installation experience that explores the movement of consciousness between three distinct entities utilizing photogrammetry (triangulation of multiple images to create a digital version of a space), editorial, narrative suture, and sound.

The Ice House

In order to access and experience the originality of an environment, to truly feel it, one needs to be present within the space itself. However, because of safety, public access, politics, or other concerns, this is not always possible.

LACMA Toilet Retrospective

Every toilet stall has a particular value made up of light, surface, geometry, and sound; once indexed, this value can then be reconstituted virtually in a different locale, allowing the viewer to experience this space anew and for what it is: our last vestige of personal freedom (or a space of acute horror).

The ______ Toilet Retrospective

The ____________ Toilet Retrospective, is a site specific virtual installation of the male and female bathrooms curated from those found in the _____________. These bathrooms will be meticulously scanned, reconstructed inside the computer, and rendered in virtual reality, all within walking distance from their original location. At these same sites of virtual construction, real plexiglass and particle boards will be matched to the exact dimensions of the virtual bathrooms - in essence - “reality hinges” between virtual reality and reality itself.

Lightning Ray Cripple Fists

A short film about love, boxing, and everything in between that I never made.