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The ____________ Toilet Retrospective, is a site specific virtual installation of the male and female bathrooms curated from those found in the _____________. These bathrooms will be meticulously scanned, reconstructed inside the computer, and rendered in virtual reality, all within walking distance from their original location. At these same sites of virtual construction, real plexiglass and particle boards will be matched to the exact dimensions of the virtual bathrooms - in essence - “reality hinges” between virtual reality and reality itself.


The ___________ Toilet Retrospective

Concept and install document

“The Mountain View” - is a site specific virtual reality installation experience that explores the movement of consciousness between three distinct entities utilizing photogrammetry (triangulation of multiple images to create a digital version of a space), editorial, narrative suture, and sound.


The Mountain View

Concept and install document

Anarchism and Memory is a site specific virtual installation which would bring this moment from Catalonia countryside to the gallery itself. It would involve “digitizing” the gallery via photographic texture capture and photogrammetry (triangulating points common between multiple photos to generate a 3D space), and then adding in the sculptural / architectural elements via a proprietary virtual reality rendering technology PresenZ, within this virtual duplicate of the gallery. As the location of the actual site would augment what would be rendered, each instance of this installation would be unique.


Orwell in Catalonia / Anarchism and Memory

Concept and install document